hours revelling in the sand but I cant say more as it would spoil the surprises for anyone intending to do the trip themselves! After another beach landing we set off into the coastal dunes of the Skeleton Coast National Park which were every bit as spectacular as Sossusvlei and far better for the fact that there was no one else around. Wir gliedern Menschen in die Gemeinschaft ein und schaffen ein Soziales Umfeld. . Taller and thinner than their non-desert counterparts, they have evolved over the years so that they can scratch out a living in this arid area. Vehicles were waiting at the landing strip and we set off for the final camp of our trip. Mit der Kraft von. With cameras clicking like crazy, it was spectacular watching these graceful birds flying just below. The highlight of the second afternoons flight was flamingo spotting. Then it was on up to Namibias northern border with Angola, where we turned inland to follow the Kunene River. Words wont do justice to what was a real adventure, but hopefully this provides just a taster of the experience.

I was entranced by the seemingly endless orange/red landscape dotted with a few lone oryx, and perfectly framed by the distant Angolan mountains. This doesnt even begin to describe the adventure that is a Schoeman trip. But I feel privileged to have experienced the guiding and knowledge imparted by Bertus and Helga. Vast, empty, hostile and yet spectacularly beautiful. What the early explorers must have felt when they reached this bit of land is anyones guess. Words facebook deutschland partnersuche could never do it justice, and sadly, nor do my photographs. Dropping down onto a deserted beach for lunch we had a chance to experience at first hand the howling wind and wild sea that caused misery to many ships in the past. The logistics of keeping mechanical things working in this environment must be enormous but they are all first-class mechanics, so we were soon moving again.